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Mezium 2008

Date:  1st - 10th of August 2008
Opening: 1st of August 2008 at 18:00 in the hall Pecin ,  drum concert and
dance improvisation

place:  Pecin in the eagle mountains in CZ


1: African drums, dancing and singing - Fränki B. Frank –Germany
2: ceramics Petra Beranova - Czech Republic
3: book illustration and restauration - Ivona Gazdikova - Czech Republic
4: Invisible theater,  forum theater Frank Weisse – Germany

For  registration maximally 2 of 4 workshops is favor

additional workshops select:

5. singing and playing at the campfire or during the day (looking
for a music leader)
6. “Hiking” in the Eagle-montains(we have the mapes)
7. volleyball (net is available)
8. billiard tournament (pool)
9. table tennis tournament (please have your ladle)
10. photography and films (own camera, but without any leader)
11. German conversation (For All)
12. workshop recovery (can you suggest a Yoga coach?)
13. workshop discussion group over future plan of Mezium
14. chess tournament (without clock, but at table)
15. child care (workshop leader and assistants welcome)

 children are here welcome....

Workshops corresponding please in registration select stands 5 to 15
(find only with sufficient participants instead of) it workshop
participants and guests free to offer further, honorarium-free

The amount of the participant is limited.  Confirmations result in
chronological sequence until 40 participians
for Registration contact:

The application must contain:

1. time of the arrival
2. registration of 2 selected workshop (see 1 to 4)
3. choice of the lodging (see below 4 possibilities)
4. registration of the additional workshops (see 5 to 15)
5. Stay longer than 10. August?
6. I come with the car or train or bus?

Deadline for registration:  30Th of July 2008

The result will be send immediately:

1.Supplementary information
2. participant price (depends on amount of the workshops and lodging type)
3. arrival plan
4. Detailed program and timetable
5. any questions would be answered between 1st of August 15:00 and 2nd
of August evenings ……..

4 possibilities of the lodging:

1. in more bed rooms In the project house Pecin
2. tents in the own tent on the meadow next to the project house Pecin
3. With sleep bag in the barn or in the hall project house Pecin
4. Lodging in pensions in the vicinity of 3 to 5 kilometres (must be paid itself)

Please, for a  (1) possibility decide!

how and when pay?:  The payment in arrival time

Price: provisions according to lodging type and choice of the workshop,
Catering (kitchen available) or in restaurant of the environment
there are any kind of  supports of fund or other  For Mezium 2008.  We
would want nevertheless corresponding to the possibilities, offer an
intensive program.  The number of the workshops accordingly was
reduced.  The offering of more workshops would exceed a tolerable
price boundary for participant.  We use Mezium 2008 to discuss as a
forum the future of the summer academy,... in the hope that a team is
found, that helps to organize the 10. International summer academy

Description of the workshops


Supporting programme:

On 01.08. at 18:00openings drum concert in the hall Pecin - conclusion
concert drum course Fränki B. Frank and dance improvisation
On 02.08 till  every evening
08.08.  Campfire
09.08. at 18  concert Mezium, drums, forum theater



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